Thursday, April 3, 2008


IP version 6 (IPv6), the replacement protocol for IPv4, is a well known for a couple of reason. It provides the ultimate solution for the problem of running out of IPv4 address in the global internet address by using 128-bit address.
The world has change very rapidly so there is need of more and more address, as now the phone have the internet facility and it requires the IP address, the car dealer also feel the need of an IP address so that the dealer can contact their customer at any time when they want to diagnosis a problem, so some of the manufacturer have accept this idea. The two main reasons to shift to IPv6 is that of more address and some attractive features that includes IPsec, no need for NAT/PAT, Aggregation, Address assignment features etc. Before assigning Class C network that begin with 198 to a particular ISP in a particular part of the world allowed others ISP’s to use one route for Finally NAT/PAT did amazingly by allowing a typical home or small office to consume only one public IPv4 address. The migration from IPv4 to IPv6 will not be a surprise as it already started and in couple of years it will be implemented. “As US government has set date in 2008 by which all government agencies should be running IPv6 in their core IP networks”.
The address assignment for IPv6 is elegant, simple and summarize as under:
i) Public IPv6 address are grouped (numerically) by major geographic region
ii) Inside each region, the address space is subdivided by ISP inside that region
iii) Inside each ISP in a region, the address space is subdivide for each customer

The Convention, IPv6 convention use 32 hexadecimal numbers, organized into 8 quarters of 4-hexa digits separated by colon, to represent a 128-bit address. For example

2002:042c:0000:5061:92AB:0000:0000:6104 / 64
Now it is difficult to remember this address, so there is certain rule through which we can make this address short and will be easy to remember.
Refer to Figure A,

Step # 1: Remove the Zero (0) from the octet which starts from 0. As in the figure, we remove 0 from 042C and wrote it 42C.
Step # 2: Now for four consecutive zero, write only one 0, as in figure, for 3rd, 6th and 7th octet we wrote one 0.
Step # 3: Put double colon (: :) for two consecutive zeros. As in figure, for 6th and 7th octet zero we put double colon. Note: Repetition of double colon is not allowed, we can do once in an address.

Expanding an Address:

2002 : : 4 / 64
2002 : 0000 : 0000 : 0000 : 0000 : 0000 : 0000 : 0004

If you want to reduce the size just apply the above three steps.

Configuration of IPv6:

a) On System
Just go to command prompt and type ipv6 install, here we go the installation is successful and enjoy now.

b) On Router:
It’s so simple to configure IPv6. There are two types of address; one is called Global Unicast Address which is assigned by our self while other is called Link Local which is assigned by router by self and that starts from FE80. Now Refer to Fig B.
A (Config) # IPv6 unicast-routing
A (Config) # interface e / 0
A (Config-if) # IPv6 2002 : : 2 / 64

B (Config) # IPv6 unicast-routing
B (Config) # interface e / 0
B (Config-if) # IPv6 address 2002 : : 1 / 64

A # Show IPv6 Interface
A # Ping 2002::2


Lc said...

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khushdil said...

its good that what you learn in your classes you share them as well. Its shows your interest in the field of networking.
you have mentioned that when this technology will be implemented in US, but what about its implementation in this part of the world. I am glade that our nation have bright stars like you. so you have to do alot for the implementation of IPv6 as soon as possible in this region .
I am sure you would't discourage us .
I am proud of you....

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