Monday, January 19, 2009

Lucky Day......December 31st 2008

I was looking for a job in Peshawar, one day when I was moving to perform Juma prayer so as I turn in a street in abdara chowk Peshawar, a man give me an advertisement in my hand that he was suppose to distribute among students and shows different course like (CCNA, Oracle, firewall, Peach Tree etc), when I saw I was supposed to throw because all the courses like (CCNA, CCNP, PixFirewall) I have done with and I was looking for a job not to learn more courses, but my friend (Khushdil) with me told me to give it to me so after two minutes I realize that why should I not apply to this institute (Comdex System) as a teacher of Cisco Courses I was thinking and the day ends.
After two days I was sitting in my home and suddenly saw that advertisement on a table I took that and call the head of that institute (Mr. Arif) and said that I want to offer my services as a Cisco Teacher in your institute so he said me to bring your CV and meet me….now can u imagine I said I am not free so can I send it tomorrow to you through e-mail. Now on the very next day my Aunty Passed Away (Very Shocking Movement for me), so I spend almost three days there, on the fourth day I send my CV to him. Now after one day he call me to meet and I went, so the discussion was good and he said that I will offer you 40% of each student fee and when there is a class I will tell you, again I was so depressed and went home.
The very Luck day that was December 31st, 2008 he call me to start CCNA class at 01:00 clock and on December 31st , 2008 the lucky day for me I start my career for the first time as a Professional.
Now I am enjoying my professional career and have more that two classes and finished a crash course to a student and also to one of my friend.


nayyares said...

nice to see this post !

congratulations !

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