Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Routing to ISP

Back on 20th July 2009 when i was giving my ISCW paper so i got this lab and i done with that so here i am sharing my experience with you people. Lab was about a firm having an existing enterprise network that is made up exclusively of routers that are using EIGRP as the IGP protocol. Its network is up and operating normally, as part of its network expansion XYZ has decided to connect to the internet by broadband cable ISP.

To enable this connection by use of the information below.
Connection Encapsulation: PPP
Connection Type: PPPoE client
Connection Authentication: None
Connection MTU: 1492 Bytes
Address: Dynamically assigned by the ISP
Outbound Interface: E0/0

Note: Routing to the ISP, Manually configured default route

Router-3 (config) #interface ethernet 0/0
Router-3 (config-if) #pppoe enable
Router-3 (config-if) #pppoe-client dial-pool-number 1
Router-3 (config-if) #no shutdown
Router-3 (config-if) #exit
Router-3 (config-if) #interface dialer 1
Router-3 (config-if) #encapsulation ppp
Router-3 (config-if) #ip mtu 1492
Router-3 (config-if) #dialer pool 1
Router-3 (config-if) #ip address negotiated
Router-3 (config-if) #exit

Router-3 (config-if) #ip route dialer 1
Router-3 (config-if) #exit

Router-3 # copy running startup

Then you have to check the connectivity by ping the IP given to you, if it is successful then you have done otherwise there is something wrong with your confogurations.

Hope it will be informative for you.



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