Saturday, November 14, 2009

Monitoring Network Interface Traffic / Resource

MRTG can be use to monitor our Linux machine or any other machine network interfcae traffic or even we can monitor our network devices interface traffic like Routers, Switches etc.

MRTG configuration on Linux, to see the interface traffic flow in both in and out direction see my blog, Click here

We can use MRTG on routers and swithces also but for that we have to configure SNMP first and the client side configuration etc. see my blog on detail stpes of SNMP configuration on cisco router and switches, Click here

But we can make it very simple by using Bytemon to monitor network interface traffic, we will install bytemon on client machine and there we can identify the remote device IP Address or Hostname of which traffci we want to analyze, in my case i use my Backup Production Router IP-Address.

1. The following graph shows the overall protocol traffic on both in and out interfaces.

2. The following graph shows HTTP traffic Data.

3. The folowing show the traffic of interface "IN"

4. The following show the traffcie of "OUT" interface.

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