Monday, January 10, 2011

Low Heap Memory Size Configuring IPS using SDM

To have a secure network we must be aware of the technologies which can really help us in securing our network, I was studying CCNA-Security last day and a task was about to perform on Cisco router, “Implementing Router Based IPS”. In my case I took 1841 series router and access through SDM. when I select IPS from the left panel I got the following message……….! Banggggg :(

“Your current Java memory heap size is less than 256MB, the amount required for IOS to run. To change the Java memory heap size, open the java control panel and enter -Xmx256m in the Java Applet Runtime Settings dialog. This dialog is in the Java tab, or in the Advance tab of the Java control panel. After you have changed the Java heap size, restart Cisco SDM”.

I consult Google and SDM help so got the solution, Its very simple just follow the following steps:

1. Select START, click on Control Panel

2. Double Click on JAVA

3. Click on ADVANCE tab, and Click on “Java Runtime” if you not able to see this then follow Step-4

4. Click on JAVA tab and click on “View” under “Java Applet Runtime Settings”

5. In the window under “Java Runtime Parameters” write down “-Xmx256m”.

6. Click OK

7. Click Apply and OK

8. Restart your SDM

9. Enjoy IPS Configuration :)

I hope this will be informative for you :)