Friday, February 3, 2012

Network Design

Designing Network involves different steps, procedure and methods. I will talk about the first two section in this post, see other following post for the renaming:

1. Organizational Policies & Procedures
2. Essential of a Flexible Network
3. Network Design Method (PDIOO)
4. Design Process – 8 Steps

Organization Policy Cycle

An organizational policy and procedure is a collection of specific guidelines and rules in written form that are understood, implemented and maintained at every level of the organization for the purpose of reaching well-defined goals.

Guidelines for Organizational Model

– Mirror the ecosystem.
Incremental – start small but think big
Horizontal – Get constant input from stakeholders
Manageable – Implement Control and access mechanism
Critical – Implement core application first
Exceptional – look for cutting edge solution

Network Infrastructure Essential

1. Availability: This means there should be Resiliency in your network, Redundant and 24/7 available
2. Efficiency: Best equipment, Services, Software, AAA, Queuing etc
3. Functionality: Like .net – so we have sufficient bandwidth for the application
4. Manageability: e.g. SNMP, Maintain performance, Security etc
5. Performance: you get what needed
6. Scalability: Future expansion