Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Linux PC on Network

Back in 2008 when i was unable to bring my PC (Linux OS) on a network, i was thinking of how to connect it to the internet or bring on a network or how to install messenger or any other software because i was completely unaware of this as i am not a Linux guy as i am network guy but i am trying to for the learning of Linux, here are the few steps or few changes required in the files thne we can bring our pc on a network and can enjoy internet may be it will help some one who really don't know how to bring pc on network. There are certain file in which we have to make changes (for CLI users) like:

Step # 1: vi /etc/sysconfig/network

In this file just define the gateway like

Step # 2: vi /etc/sysconfig/network-script/ifcfg-eth0

In this file we just have to define our IP address

Step # 3: vi /etc/resolve.conf

In this file you have to give your DNS and Preferred DNS ip address
nameserver 10.x.x.x
nameserver 10.x.x.x

Thos who want to make it graphically jsut with one command, just enter following command:

[root@myserver ~]# netconfig

you will be promting a window as you seen, If you are running DHCP server on you network then just check [*] USe Dynamic... here we go your system is now on a network. Yu can check by following command

[root@myserver ~]# ifconfig
HWaddr 00:10:C6:9F:42:62
inet addr:

Here we go, hopefully it will be informative.


nayyares said...

nice post.


Thnx sir, m just trying to make familier my self with Linux

Khush Dil Khan said...

Nice work buddy
keep it up

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