Thursday, June 25, 2009

Network Administrator post in Sui Gas

Back in January 2009, one day i opened Sui Northern Gas web page and i saw "New Posts", i got happy and as i opened the link there they advertised some posts of Network Administrator, System Administrator, Engineers and some Management Staff on career basis, my interest was in "Network Administrator", so i applied for the post and submit all the relevant information. In march 2009 i received call from the head office that you have to appear for written test of Network Administrator conducted by NTS (National Testing Service) on Saturday, 4th April 2009, Test Time is 1:00 PM at ICMS Hayatabad. It was computer based test so we get the result at that time and i scored 61 marks in that test. Later on, In June 2009 i received an email from HR that you have to appeared for an interview on June 23, 2009. That was the happiest moment for me as i got a chance to prove my skills in front of them and will get this job INSHALLAH. Thee interview was in Head Office (Lahore, Pakistan) and its almost 500 km far from my home. on June 22nd night i was too excited about the interview and i was busy in preparing my self like collecting my all documents, degrees, certificates, also got with a suit and prepared my self to be there for interview. The interview timing were 09:00 am Sharpe (they have mention in the interview letter).

22nd June: In the morning when i get up......! opss i was not feeling well really as i feel vomiting, headache and also got problem in my stomach, anyway i prepared my self and went for my class (CCNP i am teaching from 10:00 to 12:00) and then i went for Bus and start my journey, on the way i did vomiting three times, felt so pain in my head and backbone but i said i will go and i reached Lahore at 11:00 pm in the night, i just took some water and green tea and went to bed for rest.

23rd June: In the morning the conditions were the same, but i took bath and took my documents and other stuff and went for interview when i reached office the time was 08:35 am and they told us to wait in the basement. we all guys (came for interview) were waiting there and at 09:30 a female and a male came with pen, stapler in hands and call one by one and checked their documents and send a group of around fifteen people to floor 5th for interview, It was 12:00 o'clock when our group turn comes, when my turn come they call my name

Person: SOHAIL
Me: Yes i am
Person: Please come
Me: ok

I entered the room and there were just three people in the panel, they said sit.

Question # 1: so sohail what are you doing?
Me: I am currently doing job, am working as a Instructor in NSIT and working in the same organization on contract basis.

Question # 2: When is your contract expires? (Ohhh Bullshit Question)
Me: In August 2009

Question # 3: Ok, how u relate your experience with this post?
Me: As i have done my Honour Graduation in Information Technology, have done with different international certifications like CCAN, CCNP, CCSP (SNPA), JNCIA-EX and also done with course work of MCSE, Orcale (DBA, 8i) and currently studying CCIE (Routing and Switiching) and in July i will get my two certification JNCIS and JNCIA-ER also and am working from last one and half year in the same field and as i am currently working in the same organization and so i am aware of the network etc.

Question # 4: what are the devices in Regional Office?
Me: Router 2600 series, switches 3550, 3560 etc.

They Said Thanks...........and i went out, now when i came out all the students were screaming and said is this is an interview, like in these two or three question how can they judge a student that whether he/she have sufficient knowledge or not, because from all students they ask just these two or three question, even not a single technical question although the job is pure technical.

One surprising thing is that in all areas like Engineering, Management etc they have call students who have marks more than 60, only in IT post they have call people who have scored till 50, because all those for which they have announce this post scored less that 60 marks, Thats what i think?.

In interview from Engineers they ask OK what do you think about Pakistan present situation, what do you think about the 20-20 cricket, do you watch etc.......They will select great Engineers.

And Pakistan says that we haver no Talent, we are backward country, if the case is like this they will be like this in future also.



Haroon Ahmad said...

lol, i will not take the name of the teacher, when I had my final MSc compute science project interview at that time I was already working as a professional web application developers for 2 years by then. My class fellows were buying ready made projects from senior students and stealing theses from internet while I was so happy because I was a genuine web programmer with some huge projects under by belt already. I chose my best software I had made till then which was an online hotel reservation system with a very rich features admin panel to control bookings, booking agents, their commissions and promotions etc etc. I wrote my theses myself and prepared myself for the interview.

i appeared in the interview and starting giving the demo, the teacher asked me, "what should i ask you about PHP... hmm is this project online? I went, 'yes sir, it is commercial project for XXXX hotels chain and it is online on this URL' he said, 'how do you get work from international market?' Me: 'sir i won several awards in international market and have some publications on web programming so from there people contact me' he said, 'ok you can go now' i was shocked and worried because i did not show him my huge admin panel of which i was proud of. i said, 'sir you want to see the admin panel, look here we can login, and...' he said, 'ok ok, i know it is good but it is just a website, you can go' .... then my principal was sitting there who was also our Database teacher, he said to him that haroon is one of our best students and had scored highest in MSc previous and can be a candidate of gold medal... he said, 'ok ok' :D

on the same day another boy was interviewed he was a new singer of a local channel. teacher asked him to sing a song of his choice. that boy got 80 and i scored 91 in the project out of 100. while another guy whose father was on a good post, scored 100 on a stolen theses from internet.

anyway, once i was representing a software house in PC hotel in Brain Storm event. There they had invited scholars to present their papers from different cities of Pakistan including some of the most genius girls and boys from reputed universities. When our IT Minister, yes IT Minister, came on the desk for a speech. He said that he had done Masters in Agriculture (yes IT minister) and then he pointed towards a presentation laptop and said, 'yeh ala bohet achi cheez hay' in English - 'this instrument is a very good thing' right after this sentence, the first two rows where the most intelligent students from different universities were sitting, started to get empty.

so dude, i can really get your point. our dilemma is that the system is run be mostly unqualified people. but change will come when people like you will reach on good positions somehow. at least you will ask different questions in interview :)


I read ur all points and will b waiting for that time where there will b balance and professional can have their position, i pakistan IT professional are consider not a part of organization, but as u said the time will come so waiting for that?

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