Sunday, December 25, 2011

The SERDES Module on Subcard NP-3 1 is Failed

I got this problem in our network on one of our NE40E. Before going to the troubleshooting section, I just need to go through the impact of th above problem on a system. Actually we have three groups of SERDES on NE40E i.e. 0,1 and 2 on the LPU. These SERDES are plot on sub-card 0 and 1. If we have problem on SERDES 0 it will not effet the services on SERDES 1 and like wise.

The problem cause can be identifed by checking the clock of SERDES module. The above problem can result because of:

1. Sub-card-1 not prooperly connected to LPU
2. Sub-card 1 is faulty
3. The Port is not configured correctly
4. The connector between the Sub-card and LPU is faulty
5. The optical module is faulty


1. We have to check wheather the sub-card ETH_xyz_abc_CARD is registere by using the following command.

display device pic-status

2. If it is registered, then we have to replace our optical module.

3. If Optical module is working normal then plug out from the existing sub-card and plug-in in another card. For Example from Sub-Card 0 to Sub-Card 1.

4. Now again verify by using the above command and collect the trap information.

display trapbuffer
terminal monitor

I hope this will be informative for you.

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